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4 min readFeb 21, 2023


Quick Facts

  • Injective Chain is a Tendermint-based, IBC-compatible blockchain that supports Cosmos’ first decentralized exchange Layer-1 protocol, along with an ERC-20 compatible token bridge to facilitate exchanges with the Ethereum network.
  • As an incentive for helping to safeguard the network, you can earn up to 14.81% APR* from your delegation on Swiss Staking’s Injective validator.
  • Once you delegated you’ll instantly earn rewards on a per block basis that can be claimed whenever you want.
  • The unbonding time is 21 days. Afterwards, your delegated stake is fully liquid. You won’t get any rewards during the unbonding period.

1. Install Keplr

Install the Keplr Extension [link] for Chrome and create a new account, or recover an existing account by connecting your Ledger device or importing your seed phrase from a different wallet.

2. Buy INJ on Binance or Osmosis

If you already do own $INJ in your Keplr wallet please move to step 3. Otherwise you can purchase $INJ on Binance, Osmosis, Coinbase or on the Injective Hub itself. In this tutorial only Binance and Osmosis is covered.

a) Binance:

  • After your trade was executed and you do own $INJ on Binance, withraw them to your Keplr wallet
  • Get your Injective address on Keplr
Binance INJ withdrawal

b) Osmosis

Osmosis Swap
  • Withdraw your $INJ from the Osmosis chain to Injective chain. This can be done through the Injective Hub [Link]. Once the transaction is executed it takes ~2 minutes for the cross-chain transfer. Your $INJ tokens will appear in your Keplr wallet — just make sure you have the Injective Network selected.
IBC transfer to Injective from Osmosis

3. Stake Your Tokens (Keplr Dashboard)

As soon as your Injective address on the Keplr wallet is funded you can start staking. In this tutorial the stake is going to be assigned through the Keplr dashboard.

Open and select a validator of your choice. We usually recommend to keep 0.1 INJ in your wallet (do not stake the maximal amount) for future transaction fee like claiming your rewards or unbonding.

That’s it! You are staking and earning rewards.

Claiming Rewards: Rewards can be claimed on the dashboard itself through the “Claim” button.

Autocompound: On ( you can give your validator the permission to autostake on your behalf. This means that all your rewards will be claimed and restaked on a daily basis. Restake is fully open-source using the secure authz module from the cosmos-sdk.

4. Unstake/Unbond Your Tokens

If you want to stop staking you can simply do it through the Keplr dashboard.

  • It takes 21 days to unbond. After that period your tokens are liquid again. During the unbonding period you do not earn any rewards nor can you cancel the unbonding process itself.

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