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4 min readJan 2, 2023


This validator renamed from Azero Domains to AZERO.ID. A new tutorial will be launched soon. In the meantime, simply follow this tutorial by staking with AZERO.ID instead of AZERO Domains.

In close collaboration with Scio Labs we are launching a validator on the Aleph Zero ledger. AZERO Domains (AZNS) is a decentralized domain name service where users will be able to register unique domains with a .azero top-level domain ending. By staking with you support native development on AZERO itself.

Official Announcement:

1. Intro

This is a short step by step guide to stake successfully on Aleph Zero. These are the most relevant metrics you should be aware of before staking your tokens:

  • Commission Rate: 2%
  • Payout Frequency: Daily automatic payouts for validators and nominators
  • Staking APY: ~12% (varies as it relies on staking ratio)
  • Redelegating: Instantly (jump to step 4)
  • Minimum stake amount: 2,000 AZERO (if you do own less than that, join our nomination pool on step 5)
  • Unbonding period: 14 days

Even if you already delegated your tokens keep in mind that you can redelegate/nominate a new validator with your stake. It usually makes sense to spread your stake among multiple known validators. Avoid in this case any Foundation node.

2. Wallet

The primary wallet of Aleph Zero is Therefore, open this site and add an account. If you already do own an account jump to step 3. Never share your seed phrase with anyone!

3. Delegate / Nominate

If you got a funded account with AZERO create a Nomination. Open “Network” → “Staking” → “Accounts” → “Nominator”.

In the following step we will bond the stash account directly to the same controller account. Choose the amount you want to bond/stake and select AZERO-DOMAINS as your validator. We charge a small fee of 2% (less than Foundation nodes) and are actively building on top of Aleph Zero.

Congrats, sign your transaction and you are done!

4. Redelegate from Foundation Node

Only for delegators who whish to redelegate to a different validator — otherwise skip this step.

The Foundation recently increased its commissions from 2% to 3.5% and will further increase it in the near future. If you are still delegating to a Foundation node make sure to switch to a community validator such as AZERO Domains. In that case you support native development on the Azero Ledger.

Path: “Network” → “Staking” → “Accounts” → “…” → “set nominees”

  • Remove all nominated accounts
  • Set AZERO-DOMAINS as your new nominee

5. Nomination Pool

Only for delegators that do own less than 2,000 $AZERO — otherwise skip this step.

This new way of staking allows multiple users to act as a single nominator. No trust is required between the users in a single pool, and no security is lost through this method.

Path: “Network” → “Staking” → “Pools” → “all Pools” → “#55 AZERO-DOMAINS Pools” → “join”

6. Nice to know after delegating

The “Targets” subsection (link) will help you estimate your earnings.

The “Validator stats” (link) allows you to query a validator’s stash address and see historical charts on era points, elected stake, rewards, and slashes.

Swiss Staking is an ever-expanding proof-of-stake validator and venture fund based in Switzerland. We offer “Staking as a Service” and back the blockchain protocols of tomorrow. Besides that, we are trusted by swiss institutions and do have over 39,000 retail clients since 2018.



Swiss Staking

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