Mars Protocol: Claim and Stake

Swiss Staking
2 min readJan 31, 2023


1) Eligbility:

64.4M $MARS to be distributed to all MARS token holders on Terra Classic per these Snapshots:

  • Snapshot 1: Block 7544910 (May 7, 2022, ~11 a.m. EST)
  • Snapshot 2: Block 7816580 (May 28, 2022, ~11 a.m. EST)

2) Claim

  • install the latest version of Station on Chrome
  • use the wallet address where you previously held MARS on Terra Classic to connect to Mars Hub • MARS tokens will automatically appear
  • Open
  • You should see your MARS under assets

3) Stake

Open Staking:

Or manually:

  • Staking Tab
  • Select Mars as the network
  • Select Manual Stake
  • Select Swiss Staking or your preferred validator
  • Delegate

Swiss Staking is an ever-expanding proof-of-stake validator and venture fund based in Switzerland. We offer “Staking as a Service” and back the blockchain protocols of tomorrow. Besides that, we are trusted by swiss institutions and do have over 39,000 retail clients since 2018.



Swiss Staking

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