Evmos: Claim 75% of your Airdrop

Swiss Staking
5 min readMar 4, 2022



  • Keplr + Ledger won’t work right now. Team working on a fix
  • MM + Ledger should work
  • MM without ledger should work too
  • Keplr without ledger too
  • If you didn’t get 0.001 Evmos dust in your wallet, you cannot do anything right now.
  • Metamask has some issues (freezes etc.). Good luck with that.
  • Metamask: Please add and connect to the right network. Config details here! https://evmos.dev/guides/keys-wallets/metamask.html

Official dashboard is not yet ready. We’ll use the third party tool https://evmos.disperze.network/. It is legit, but a third party tool. If you do not know what you do, wait for the dashboard. Otherwise, lets go.



  • 25% is claimed by staking
  • 25% is claimed by voting in governance
  • 25% is claimed by by sending or receiving an IBC transfer
  • 25% is claimed by using the EVM (deploy or interact with contract, transfer EVMOS through a web3 wallet)

First Unlock 25% (Governance)

  • Click on vote
  • Vote yes, or abstain, or whatever you want
  • Send transaction
  • Check dashboard if additional balance got unlocked

Second unlock 25% (Staking)

  • Stake only 0.001 to unlock 25% of your allocation
  • Confirm your transaction (either MM or Keplr)
  • Once transaction went through, 25% of your allocation got unlocked. Check on the Disperze dasboard

Third Unlock 25% (IBC transfer)

  • MM users cannot do it. Please reach out on me on Telegram. I can do that for you (https://t.me/swiss_staking). BE CAUTIOUS, SCAMMERS ARE IMPERSONATING ADMINS. PLS CHECK MY TELEGRAM ON https://t.me/evmosOrg
  • Keplr User (without Ledger and dust in wallet) can do the IBC transfer on their own.

Only for Keplr User:

  • Open Keplr, select Osmosis chain (YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 0.001 OSMOSIS)
  • Enable IBC transfers in settings if not visible
  • Go to the main page again and press IBC transfer
  • Make new IBC transfer
  • Destination chain: Evmos (beta) and channel ID channel-204
  • Once saved do the transfer. Your evmos1 address must be the one who did vote and stake before (who already has 50% unlocked)
  • Amount 0.0001 OSMO is enough
  • Submit transaction and wait 1–3 minutes. 25% of your allocation will be unlocked once IBC transfer went through.
  • Make sure to switch to the Evmos chain again on Keplr.

Check dashboard, another 25% should be unlocked

Fourth Unlock 25% (Contract interaction)

  • You cannot do this right now (according to the latest info that I have)

Fifth Step: Stake 75% of your allocation for >1000% APY (for Keplr and Metmask users)

  • Enter the amount you want to stake (leave something behind for fee). Best ist to stake the most of your allocation in the beginning, since APY is crazy high.
  • Submit the transaction

Congragts. You are done for now.

About us

Swiss Staking is “Staking-as-a-Service” provider in Switzerland ran by two crypto enthusiasts. We were one of the first validators on Tezos, one of 30 validators on the Alexander Polkadot Testnet and currently also in the validator set of Cosmos. Over 700 days of staking experience.



Swiss Staking

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